Buying A Porsche 944?

The Porsche 944, which was manufactured between years 1982 / 1991, was never loved like most other Porsche models. So it’s no surprise its value has slumped. But, that means that it’s possible to find a Porsche Turbo for way under £10,000 or maybe a normally aspirated 944 model for a little under £5k. Probably though they`ve not been owned by true Porsche fans, and who shall we say aren’t real Porsche enthusiasts, so haven’t bothered to spend money on having the car serviced by Independent Porsche specialists.

The problem list of potential faults with a Porsche 944 Is potentially huge – despite that its registered woeful 60.8% annual MOT pass-rate – making evidence of a full service record with lots of stamps a real must, that’s before you consider purchasing. Expensive timing belt neglect is too a common, so that can lead to a very expensive repair. Same for engine mounts problem, belt driven water pumps and power steering fluid leaks, to name a few.

It does really pay to do your homework, have a expert check the vehicle over before shaking on the deal and parting with your hard earned cash for a Porsche 944.

Accident damage is another Biggy, there`s evidence that the 944 Porsche has taken part in track days, so there are chances of major modifications been carried out. These vehicles have often not been very well looked after.

After all that’s said, if you find a Porsche 944, maybe a turbo in reasonable condition you`ll pick up a Porsche car that`s an asset and a great drive for little money making it a bargain price.

Used Porsche 944