Buying a used Boxster 986?

Thinking of Buying a used Porsche Boxster 986? its probably the most affordable way to actually be a Porsche owner, as some Porsche Boxster models now changing hands for less than £5K

Picking the best Porsche Boxster 986 and you`re sure to get a genuine bargain. But there`s also a good chance you`ll end up with a “money pit” to put it bluntly, it does pay to do your homework, actually find out what to look for before you even start your search.

The 1st generation of the Porsche Boxster produced between 1996 & 2004 (with a very minor face lift in 2002) so it`s not realistic in thinking that the cars that are more than 12 yrs old are going to be problem free in your ownership. Now some good news, the Porsche Boxster 986 is pretty reliable beast as it has an MoT pass rate at 78%, well above the national average for cars that age. Most common reason for failure are minor headlight defects and worn out tyres.

Now, there are expensive things that do go wrong with a Porsche Boxster 986. So the key is making a good buy in the first place. Check that any of the well-known serious issues are not imminent, and that anything repairs previously done have been completed to very high standards, in fact you need to know that the Boxster 986 has been cared for and well maintained all its life.

AN Independent Porsche specialist can carry out a pre purchase Inspection at their workshop and give you detailed report of the 986`s condition should you consider buying, and a breakdown cost of any work needed. Having said that its sensible having list of items to look for when looking to buy, or your 1st test drive in a used Porsche Boxster 986.