Simple Facts About VIN Numbers

How can i decipher a VIN code is actually a question which comes up very regularly, and we have come up with an in depth summary of the vehicle identification numbers Porsche has utilized ever since the very start.

Back in the day, the number only confirmed the succession of the cars coming off of the production line, but throughout the years the chassis number method has been improved and there’s quite a bit you can discover from your unique number connected to your vehicle. Check Your Porsche VIN Here

The 17 character VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) was initially defined in ISO Standard 3779 in 1977 and it was later modified in 1983. It’s the current standard which is utilized around the world by car makers.

The characters O, I and Q aren’t found in a VIN because they can be mistaken for numbers.

Despite the presence of this rule, there are numerous occasions when the VIN is wrong in official registers. Also, no dashes or gaps are permitted in the VIN.

picture of Porsche VIN