Porsche Intermediate Shaft Bearing

IMS failure or Intermediate Shaft Bearing is an issue you are probably aware of if you`re thinking of buying a used Porsche is the somewhat notorious IMS bearing failure. This has caused such catastrophic engine failure to some cars. As luck would have it, it is most unusual on Boxster 987s, because the standard Porsche factory fitted bearing was up-graded and machined to be relocated to inside the crankcase in 2006, so almost every Boxster 987 that’s available in the secondhand market today has the new stronger bearing.

If you happen to view a very early Boxster 987s circa 2005, you need to ask whether the much modified and highly effective later retrofit IMS has been fitted. If it hasn`t, then it’s probably worth investing in a vehicle inspection by an Independent Porsche specialist to check to see if the IMS problems are in fact imminent.